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" …an absolute master of frame drums." - MUSICA JAZZ MAGAZINE​

Andrea Piccioni is a renouned master performer on frame drums and Italian tamburello. He has studied frame drum rhythms and performance techniques from the Middle East, India, North Africa, and Central Asia. Since 2020, Andrea Piccioni is a Professor of Frame Drums at the Conservatory of Catanzaro, Italy.
Andrea has toured world-wide, performed in prestigious venues, and collaborated with distinguished international musicians, including Bobby McFerrin, Paul McCandless, Riccardo Tesi, Les Haulz et Les Bas, Gianluigi Trovesi, Sanubar Tursun, Luciano Biondini, Basel Rajoub, Aga Khan Ensemble,  Manfred Leuchter, Riccardi Tesi, Lucilla Galeazzi, Caitrìona O’Leary, Donàl Lunny, and Wu Man.
Andrea’s style seamlessly crosses the boundaries of jazz, world, Western classical and early music. Andrea’s innovations have raised the prominance of traditional Italian instruments, such as tamburello, tammorra, frame drum, Jew’s harp and castanets. He has been awarded the title of Master Musician by the prestigious Aga Khan Music Initiative.
Andrea published DVDs and books dealing with the Italian frame drums and rhythm language.


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Tamburello is an extraordinary instrument, a real miniature drum-set capable of supporting an entire concert by itself thanks to its incredible variety of sounds and dynamics.The Tamburello began to enjoy a great popularity outside of Italy thanks to Andrea's work of expanding techniques and expressive possibilities, finding application for the first time in jazz contexts, world, and ancient music.


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The aim of this work is offering to the player a structured and well-proven path going from the firsts basis to playing techniques belonging to the traditional italian repertoire.
Traditional Italian techniques such as pizzica, saltarello and siciliana will be examined step by step until the construction of solid bases that will open infinite, future possibilities. Ample space will be given to the setting of the body and of the body-instrument relationship, in order to build a solid technique without tensions and unnecessary efforts.

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The subject of the course is the Tamburello according to the modern conception elaborated by Andrea, how to use the instrument in any musical genre and how to expand its vocabulary of techniques and sounds. incorporating elements from traditional Arabic, Indian and more techniques specifically designed by the author who revolutionized the design and use of the tamburello in recent years.

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This course is the core of Andrea's recent work in developing new techniques, possibilities, grooves and concepts. The course is recommended only to advanced or well experienced players, let's take your playing to the next level!All the material contained in this course is original, specifically conceived and never published before.



Francesco Loccisano (chitarra battente)
Andrea Piccioni (frame drums, synth, electronics)

Tradition is a living process, in transformation, that renews and regenerates itself thanks to the incessant work of its bearers. This is the meaning of the meeting between Francesco Loccisano and Andrea Piccioni: the exploration of ways and sounds symbolizing the millenary Italian tradition, beyond the classification of "popular", in which tradition is used as a starting platform for a dialogue and a sound research through which deconstruct and reconstruct not through a simplistic contamination but on the contrary digging towards the essence and the center of the sound. An intense, vibrant and never predictable journey. Two great interpreters, creators of a synthesis between tradition and innovation, never simplistic and always aware.

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