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Education and Development

My method is the result of a research that has been going on for almost 20 years, with the aim of increasing not only our being as musicians, but also our "being" as humans, in search of a richer and deeper awareness that embraces every aspect of life, as life and art interpenetrate and complete each other in an eternal circle.
The study of several martial arts and in particular of Aikido that I have practiced for over a decade, and that today integrates and interacts with every aspect of my instrumental practice, has opened up a world of possibilities related to self-knowledge, the development of a different physical awareness, the management of inner energy, the discovery of the power of breath, balance, the right mental attitude and empathy.

My method is based on three pillars:

- Mindful Breathing.
- Use of the axes of the body and rediscovery of balance (flow of KI). 
- Mental attitude and focus.

My group workshops or individual lessons work on these principles through a direct and essential practice, which aims to break down the use of tendons and muscles and discover the wonderful power of inner energy that is released by using the body to its full capacity, and in fusion with the mind.

I called this method HAND TO HAND, because through this practice the two parts of the body together with the two cerebral hemispheres work in complete fusion and symbiosis, which often does not happen to those who play our instruments for obvious unresolved postural limitations.
The practice of this method has led me to develop a completely new style in both Upright and Lap style, which starts from a postural approach and develops through a specific technical development that has no equal.
Nowadays I do not feel any differentiation between my main instruments, in lap style, upright, Italian style of drumming... everything has merged together and I can navigate from one to the other in a unicum beyond space and time. 




Tamburello in Italian traditional music

Andrea Piccioni, considered as one of the world's leading exponents on frame drums, after years of research based on iconographic sources and historical documents, presents the result of this journey within a conference thanks to the use of slides and video projections in which he traces the extraordinary history of Tamburello in Italy, from its beginnings that have their roots in the Greek- Roman period until the period of its maximum spread between 1700 and 1800 in which the Tamburello enjoyed an extraordinary reputation and spread throughout Europe. A fascinating journey full of information and anecdotes, between traditional and cultured music, with the intention of placing this extraordinary instrument outside of simplifications and clichés.
The duration of the meeting is about 60 minutes and involves the use of a video projector connected to an external audio source.


Corso di laurea ad indirizzo: Tamburi a Cornice.

Corsi propedeutici, Triennio di I livello, Biennio di II livello

Il Conservatorio P. I. Tchaikowsky di Nocera Terinese (Cz) ha attivato dal 2020 un corso propedeutico di Tamburi a cornice, tenuto da Andrea Piccioni, e all'interno del prestigioso dipartimento di Musica tradizionale che già comprende corsi di fisarmonica, organetto, chitarra battente, zampogna.
A partire dall'anno accademico 2022/2023 saranno attivati i Corsi di Laurea triennale e il Master di II livello biennale in TAMBURI A CORNICE, unico corso attualmente esistente focalizzato sulla prassi dei tamburi a cornice e ad indirizzo strumento.


Studying Frame Drums at the Conservatory.

Propaedeutic courses, Three-year course of I level, Two-year course of II level

The Conservatory of Catanzaro P. I. Tchaikowsky has activated since 2020 a propaedeutic course of Frame Drums, held by Andrea Piccioni, with the intention of activating a three-year degree course on frame drums, within the prestigious department of Traditional Music that already includes courses of organetto, chitarra battente, accordion and Italian bagpipes.


Online lessons

Zoom, Skype, FaceTime

Andrea's teaching method, formed in more than 15 years of experience of online lessons to students from all over the world, offers an overview of the techniques and principles applicable to different instruments such as: frame drums in lap and upright style, tamburello, tammorra, Italian drum without jingles, riqq, bendir, medieval castanets (sgnacchere), marranzano (jaw harp), hand to hand style. At the same time the lessons will deepen also the elements related to the didactics of the "Solkattu" (system of counting and vocalization of the south of India), the techniques of composition, the structure of the solo and improvisation.


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