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Andrea Piccioni solo

Live electronics, frame drums, tamburello, jaw harp

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Image by YEH CHE WEI


TarantaCeltica  is a ground-breaking collaboration between Irish Trad and the traditional music of Southern Italian, known as the Tarantella, delivers a unique concert experience that entwines and unwinds these two vibrant cultures.

Master percussionists Andrea Piccioni and Dave Boyd have gathered a world-class ensemble of multi-instrumentalists with the goal of bridging cultural borders and bringing a thrilling contemporary insight into deep and ancient music.

Celebrated Calabrese instrumentalist and singer Mico Corapi will be joined by Francesco Loccisano, recognised in his homeland for his virtuoso reinvention of the chitarra battente, a strumming guitar distinct to Southern Italy. The Irish tradition will be represented by hugely talented Wicklow sisters, Lottie and Courtney Cullen on uileann pipes, flutes, concertina, and fiddle, and renowned Tipperary musician Brian Morrissey on banjo, mandolin, whistles and bodhrán.

Loccisano Piccioni

Francesco Loccisano / battente guitar

Andrea Piccioni / frame drums, percussions, live electronics

Tradition is a living process, in transformation, that renews and regenerates itself thanks to the incessant work of its bearers. This is the meaning of the meeting between Francesco Loccisano and Andrea Piccioni: the exploration of ways and sounds symbolizing the millenary Italian tradition, beyond the classification of "popular", in which tradition is used as a starting platform for a dialogue and a sound research through which deconstruct and reconstruct not through a simplistic contamination but on the contrary digging towards the essence and the center of the sound. An intense, vibrant and never predictable journey. Two great interpreters, creators of a synthesis between tradition and innovation, never simplistic and always aware.



Francesco Loccisano

Andrea Piccioni

special guest:

Riccardo Tesi


Masters of Frame Drums


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