Tamburo e Voce

Andrea Piccioni / voice, frame drums, percussions, live electronics

Andrea Piccioni's solo concert is titled TAMBURO E VOCE: The Drum, as a voice in itself, is the absolute protagonist of this work, but in an absolutely melodic guise, since it is both beat and melody, song and pulse at the same time. The voice is the pivotal and essential element; a song steeped in the past, intimate, personal. The instruments of the Italian tradition such as the tambourine, the tammorra, the big frame drum, the jaw harp, the castanets, rise to the forefront thanks to the continuous creations and inventions of Andrea. In some tracks the electronics are wisely mixed with the archaic instruments and the voice, creating layers and substrates of sound; in other tracks, on the contrary, few acoustic elements dominate with a powerful and evocative sound.

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