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Andrea Piccioni, a native of Rome, is a master performer on frame drums. After mastering the Italian tamburello, Andrea studied frame drum rhythms and performance techniques from the Middle East, India, North Africa, and Central Asia, crossing with his style the boundaries of jazz, world, and early music.

Andrea Tamburi

He is touring worldwide with artists such as Bobby McFerrin, Paul McCandless, Riccardo Tesi, Gianluigi Trovesi, Sanubar Tursun, Basel Rajoub, Luciano Biondini, Les Haulz et Les Bas, Aga Khan Ensemble, Manfred Leuchter, Lucilla Galeazzi, Masters of Frame Drums, Caitrìona O’Leary, Donàl Lunny, Wu Man.

Andrea akmi

 In parallel he’s a popular teacher at major festivals, universities and conservatories around the world as well. Andrea published DVDs and books dealing with the Italian frame drums and rhythm language. Andrea is since 2020 professor of Frame Drums class at the Conservatory of Catanzaro, IT.

" …an absolute master of frame drums." - MUSICA JAZZ MAGAZINE​

"As Piccioni puts it, in drumming "mind, body and drum" are in balance in the transformation of energy from the performer to the audience. Piccioni has reinvented, perhaps even standardized what we now call the "modern tamburello" with a philosophical and linguistic approach borrowed from oriental onomatopoeia.

Under his fingers, nimble, armed with a touch darting like flames, he pressed more and more and never ceased to amaze the game of intertwined rhythms between jingles and beats. Spectacular. Acrobatic leaps of martial art. Funambulistic and professional. It is not correct to speak of virtuosity for Piccioni, everything succeeds in being millimetric, never strained but fresh, easy, untouchable by fatigue. The tambourine becomes a direct emanation of the soul, there is never any separation between the instrument and the interpreter. Never a drop of tension."



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Andrea Piccioni

Andrea nero

Tamburo e Voce

As a separate voice the Drum is at the forefront, it is beat and melody, singing and pulsating at the same time. The Voice is a pivotal and characterising feature essential to the album; it is singing steeped in the past, intimate and personal.
The instruments of the Italian tradition, such as tamburello, tammorra, bass drum, Jaw’s harp and castanets rise to prominence thanks to Andrea’s continuous creations and inventions. In some songs, electronics is skilfully mixed with archaic instruments and voice creating some layered textures.

Andrea's solo show contains songs from his latest album "Tamburo e Voce" published by Visage Music in 2020, as well as creative reinterpretations of traditional songs and a continuous interaction with the audience.

Glen Velez, Zohar Fresco, Murat Coskun, Andrea Piccioni

Masters of frame drums

Masters of Frame Drums

The original drumming inspired by the Sufi tradition of the "dervish of frame drums" Murat Coşkun, the technical virtuosity and lyricism of the Israeli voice Zohar Fresco, the iconic sound of the rituals of the American shamans of Glen Velez and the rhythms of Italian traditional music combined with his experiences in jazz by Andrea Piccioni, are the ingredients of "Masters Of Frame Drums".  

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Masterful percussionists playing off the beaten path.

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Four wizards of percussion.

(Stefan Franzen for Badische Zeitung, DE)

Francesco Loccisano / Andrea Piccioni

Andrea nero

The concert of the Duo Loccisano/Piccioni celebrates the meeting between two great artists through two of the instruments that are symbols of the Italian traditional culture: the "chitarra battente" and the Frame Drums. The program will offer a journey through original pieces, across genres and emotions, prelude to a forthcoming record release.

Francesco Loccisano: chitarra battente (italian 10 strings guitar)

Andrea Piccioni: frame drums, percussions, live electronics

Riccardo Tesi, Patrick Vaillant, Andrea Piccioni

Tesi Vaillant Piccioni

Capanne con vista

The duo Tesi / Vaillant, who in the nineties surprised international audiences thanks to their courageous and original music, resumed their journey today with the complicity of Andrea Piccioni great master of the frame drums. Mandolin, diatonic accordion and tamburello, three traditional instruments in the hands of three authentic virtuosos who greatly expand their expressive possibilities and vocabulary. All three share the same spirit: that of instrumental music with no limits, innovative and open-minded but with firm roots. A captivating musical universe because it is familiar and surprising at the same time. And so their huts with a view, overlooking the Mediterranean, become the ideal place to assemble and cultivate their musical utopias.


Riccarto Tesi: diatonic accordion

Patrick Vaillant: mandolin

Andrea Piccioni: frame drums, percussions



Tamburello in Italian traditional music

Andrea Piccioni, considered as one of the world's leading exponents on frame drums, after years of research based on iconographic sources and historical documents, presents the result of this journey within a conference thanks to the use of slides and video projections in which he traces the extraordinary history of Tamburello in Italy, from its beginnings that have their roots in the Greek-Roman period until the period of its maximum spread between 1700 and 1800 in which the Tamburello enjoyed an extraordinary reputation and spread throughout Europe. 

A fascinating journey full of information and anecdotes, between traditional and cultured music, with the intention of placing this extraordinary instrument outside of simplifications and clichés.

Selected recordings



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